Why Study English in the UK?

January 29, 2016

The UK has a long history of welcoming students from overseas into the education system. Choosing to study English in the UK is a popular choice for many international students and each year, thousands of international students make a successful application for a visa to study English. As a student in the UK, you will be able to embrace the multicultural environment and meet people from all over the world.

A diverse destination
The UK is a diverse destination with quality teaching which will help students develop valuable language skills. The UK is renowned for its multicultural societies, with all religions and ethnicities represented throughout the country. The UK welcomes different traditions and cultures so international students can feel at home as they study English in the UK.

The UK education system is flexible, with courses which can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and career. The UK’s diverse population will also give you the opportunity to meet people from different countries, sharing their backgrounds and culture.

Quality teaching and education
The UK education system has a reputation for excellence and quality with many of the international students that study here rating it very highly. Many of the teaching institutions continually rank among the highest in the world and qualifications gained in the UK are internationally recognised. English language schools which are accredited by the British Council are inspected regularly to make sure the highest standard of teaching is achieved.

The flexible teaching that is available in the UK gives students the freedom to develop specific skill sets and confidence within a particular subject area. If you are studying in a UK school, college or university you will benefit from academic support and guidance by leading experts in their field. International students who wish to study English in the UK will develop their language skills in the birthplace of the English language.

Great career opportunities
If you study in the UK and obtain an internationally recognised degree, certificate or qualification you will have improved your chances of progressing in you chosen career. In recent times, the global marketplace has become extremely competitive, with employers looking for graduates who have studied internationally. Choosing to study English in the UK demonstrates attractive personal qualities such as adaptiveness, intuitiveness and self-sufficiency, all of which are vital in the modern workplace.

You can also work whilst you study in the UK. An international student can be typically allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during school term, and up to full-time when school is out of term. However we would advise you to check with your country manager to see what hours you are entitled to work according to your visa regulations.

Make lifelong friends
Choosing to study English in the UK as an international student can be an intense bonding experience when you meet people on the same study programme as you. Experiencing foreign culture and learning about the world with a companion is often conducive to a lifelong friendship. Whether you become friends with fellow international students or find friendship in the local student crowd (hopefully a combination of both) studying in the UK will help you forge long lasting relationships. And with social media and online messaging services so easily available, it’s easy to stay in touch wherever your next step may take you!