Three Things to Consider Before Studying Business English

October 5, 2016

1) Understand what Business English means. Business English is considered a specialism of the English language, focusing on specific vocabulary relating to international trade and the workplace environment. Business English is also considered the international language of commerce, politics and international law.


2) How you will use Business English in your career. Many international students use Business English to advance in their chosen career. It is often regarded as a fundamental skill when doing business with English-speaking countries or working in an English-speaking business environment. Being fluent in the vocabulary and terms used in business will promote effective and efficient communication within the workplace.

As English is used as the international language of communication in business circles all over the world, non-native speakers choose to study Business English to open up more opportunities for themselves in their chosen career.

For more information on how UK study can help you achieve your career goals, our helpful blog post explores why the English language is such a powerful tool in business and the benefits of choosing Business English to help you get your dream job.


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3) What you will learn on a Business English course. Because Business English can be interpreted differently, Business English courses are often tailored to specific student requirements to get the very best out of their study time. Some students may want to focus on specific vocabulary used in the world of business that wouldn’t ordinarily be used by non-native speakers. This can be broken down into industry or sector including areas such as banking, investment, trade and international relations.

Other students wish to focus on Business English as a functional language used for practical communication within the workplace. This will include the language skills required to conduct meetings, negotiate business deals or transactions, company reporting and sales presentations.

A Business English course will help students and non-native speakers conduct themselves in a professional manner, enabling them to choose the most appropriate terms and phrases in a particular context. The course will also look at the many different ways you can communicate in business such as written correspondence, face to face meetings and communication via phone to provide students with a wide ranging skillset for the competitive global market.

If you are still wondering if a Business English course is the right course for you, our recent blog post answers the fundamental question, why study a Business English course, giving you more detailed information surrounding the benefits of Business English.

If you require advice or guidance with your application to study Business English or any other English Language courses that we offer international students who wish to study in the UK, contact our helpful and experienced country managers who are on hand to help you find the right English Study Break for your specific requirements.