The Benefits of Studying Abroad

December 20, 2017

Although the prospect of studying in an unknown country, far away from home comforts is a daunting one, learning a second language and a completely different culture is one of the most rewarding experiences a student can undertake.

If you choose to study abroad, you’ll experience a different way of life, new terrains, customs and activities that will only help to develop your understanding of the language and even more so, you as an individual. If you’re considering the exciting opportunity to studying abroad, read through what we consider to be the top benefits of doing so.

  1. Gain life experience

The experiences that you take advantage of whilst studying abroad can influence you for the rest of your life. Experiencing another culture, quality of life and beliefs can help to develop your own mindset and how you choose to approach particular life events. Choosing to take that step away from familiar home territory in favour of new beginnings gives you real-life experience of money management, travelling independently and other challenges such as the initial language barrier. You learn to become a fully-fledged independent, gaining experience and maturity.

  1. Make lifelong friends

One of the most confidence-boosting benefits of studying abroad, is the amazing lifelong friends you can get in return. Your place of study will have a large community of students both from local communities and from far and wide across the world. You’ll have the opportunity to socially interact with people from all backgrounds, building your cultural knowledge and your confidence to interact and make lifelong friends with a rich and diverse group of people. When your time abroad comes to an end, you will have gained friendships that will stay with you for a lifetime.

  1. Personal development

You might find that studying abroad brings out your independent nature. Students who study abroad become explorers, with a new-found sense of curiosity and excitement for new challenges that would once have seemed too nerve-racking. By independently travelling across the globe to better your education you throw yourself in the deep-end and quickly learn about yourself and how to develop.

  1. Learn a new language

For most international students, venturing overseas to study abroad is a chance to develop language skills, whether that be through studying a second language or by embracing local and everyday conversation. The most effective process for learning another language is to immerse yourself within the local culture and make the most of this unique and rewarding experience.

  1. Increase international job prospects

By studying abroad you’re not only developing your education, but also your prospects of employment. To employers, having the experience of studying abroad shows confidence and an enthusiasm for challenges. You’ll return home with a new language and social skills, willingness to learn, and a new perspective on cultures. If you choose to study abroad you will increase your prospects and chances of employment.

  1. Appreciate home comforts

Even though all the experiences you’ll gain from choosing to study abroad will be positive, it’ll also help you appreciate those home comforts, family and friends much more than what you may have previously done.

  1. Gain confidence to face fears

Making the commitment to travel to unknown territories to develop your education is a nerve-racking decision. Once you gain the confidence to take the leap of faith, you’ll find it easier to face other fears. Not only will you develop a new-found sense of adventure and bravery to take on your fears but you’ll gain social confidence. Studying abroad allows you to constantly come in to contact with others, be able to socialise with people from different backgrounds and involve yourself in social activities that were once to daunting to take on.

  1. Understand value of money

Living independently in a different culture will help to massively improve your money skills. You’ll learn how to budget, how to manage bills from living independently, and quickly learn the importance of earning morning to live independently.

  1. Discover new hobbies

Many students who choose to study abroad are leaving home for the first time. When you land upon new soil, you’ll be fascinated by a completely different culture and way of life. You’ll be able to take on new hobbies or activities that may not be available at home. By studying abroad, you have the opportunity to try new opportunities and may even discover a hidden talent

  1. Experience new cultures

The best way to learn everything about a new culture is by immersing yourself within it and you can only do that by living in it. Being part of a larger diverse community will only help, not hinder your life experience. Short term holiday experiences may be limited to 1-2 weeks, stopping you from fully experiencing other ways of life and developing new language skills from regular interaction with the locals. Long term experience in another country helps you to fully expose yourself to new concepts and be able to make solid relationships in a diverse community.

For most students, travelling abroad to study may be their only opportunity to travel abroad for a long period of time. Studying abroad is the most rewarding experience for any student, opening you up to opportunities that aren’t available at home. If you would like further information on benefits of studying abroad and how to get started contact us and we will be happy to help guide you through the first steps of studying abroad.