Ten Reasons to Choose English Study Breaks

August 8, 2016

Here at English Study Breaks we provide a variety of custom-built English language and higher education courses all based in the UK. We can find the perfect English course for you no matter what your current skill level. So why should you choose English Study Breaks? Here are 10 reasons students choose us rather than other locally-based agencies.


1 – ESB is a full-service agency that looks after its students through the whole process from enquiry until they get on the plane home. We are there for support throughout the whole process.

2 – We are based in the UK and therefore can deal with any problems the student might have as soon as they arise.

3 – ESB can talk to students in their native language at any time during their stay if they wish, as we have a range of student support and sub-agents who will be happy to communicate with you in your native language.

4 – We have a developing network of local sub-agents and so we can offer exactly the same service as locally-based agents.

5 – A director of ESB meets each student at least once during his or her stay in the UK.

6 – We only use the very best schools which have been accredited by the British Council. Find out what the British Council Accreditation means here.

7 – There are opportunities to join the ESB team as a sub-agent when you return to your home country. Just visit our vacancies page and fill out our sub-agent form in your chosen format and we will be in contact.

8 – We are cheaper than most locally-based agents.

9 – We provide an all-inclusive service which includes tuition, accommodation and transfers (if requested).

10 – We offer a range of degree and post-graduate courses, including foundation and pathway programmes. Want to know more? Contact us today.


We are a worldwide organisation, with an aim to bring you the best UK study experience possible. We have a network of country managers and sub-agents that we work closely with to ensure that you gain a vast range of experience and skills from the course you choose to study with us. Like the sound of how we operate? Contact us today and we will be happy to talk you through the whole process.