Studying in the UK: The best way to Travel

June 29, 2016

Studying in the UK can be a stressful, especially if you are not a native speaker. Studying the English language in the UK will help you develop your natural conversation skills as you need to be able to communicate with others in your place of accommodation. We have put together this simple guide on travelling around the UK and using public transport whilst you are studying in the UK and have included links to relevant transport providers in the UK. Want more specific London transport advice? Check out our London specific blog post.

Travelling by Train

The railway system in Great Britain is the oldest in the world: the world’s first locomotive-hauled public railway opened in 1825. The comprehensive railway system allows you to reach almost every town in the UK by train. Tickets prices vary depending on the train pass you require or the journey you are taking. Train fares can be expensive, but there are discounts available for those that book in advance online, visit National Rail for more information on booking train tickets and prices.


Travelling by Bus or Coach

You can buy a ticket from the driver when you board a bus outside of London (see our London blog post for more information on London transport) You can purchase seasonal bus tickets and the prices vary depending on the journey you are making and the length of season ticket you require. As you are studying in the UK a season ticket can be a great way to save money. Contact your local bus company or visit you local information centre to get more details on your service provider.


Taking a Taxi

Taxis are easy to find in all major cities and towns with the most obvious pick up points been located in train stations and city centres. They are very convenient but can be expensive if the journey is over a long distance. Only use a licensed taxi service that is provided by the local authority and make sure you ask the price of the journey before you travel so you know you will have the right amount of money for the duration of the trip. Taxis use a meter system and apply a standard charge and then the length of the trip equates to the price you pay when you reach your destination. Most taxi drivers that work in city centre will be able to give you an average price of getting to specific destination to ensure you will be able to afford the fare.


Fly around the UK

There are 24 commercial international airports in the UK, you can also travel to many destinations in the UK by taking internal flights. You can check online for flights around the UK. Booking early for internal flights can actually be cheaper then travelling long distances by train as well as a lot faster. There are a number of airline providers that offer both domestic and international flights (check online to find the best prices).


Studying in the UK is the perfect way for you to explore the beautiful countryside, towns and cities. When you travel in the UK planning is key. Pre-booking long distance journeys can save every student money and looking out for student discounts on season tickets is very important. For more information on student life and living and studying in the UK check out more posts on our blog.