Your Study Options in the UK

May 19, 2016

Understanding Your Study Options

Choosing to study in the UK can be a big step, especially for those who have never visited the country. Studying English in the UK is not a ‘one size fits all’ circumstance. There are a number of study options which may be more suited to your learning goals.

Your age, current English language skills and future goals can all have an impact on choosing study options. There are four main study options for studying in the UK which you can choose from to ensure you are choosing the right course for your needs.

IELTS General

If you are new to the English Language or you only know the basics then the IELTS General study option is best suited to you. This course will teach you the foundations of the English Language so that you can communicate, listen and understand simple English. The IELTS General course is a great way to begin your English Language experience with the opportunity to progress at a more advanced level in the future.

IELTS Academic

This is suitable for those who would like to study at a higher education establishment or a university. This study option is best suited for those who already have a relatively good level of speaking English. For more information on the IELTS Academic study option please contact one of our friendly team.

Business English

If you’re looking to pursue a career in business such as commerce, politics or international law and would like to improve your English in the workplace or for a prospective job then this course would be best suited. English is known as the international language of commerce because it’s a globally recognized and understood language. Within the Business English course you will learn how to express yourself in a range of professional situations such as business meetings, negotiations and sales presentations. Learn more about Business English Courses.

University Degree Courses

Improve your English Language and gain a degree with one of our Unversity Degree Courses. These courses allow you to study at one of our leading UK universities. These courses typically require a IELTS level 6.0 proficiency of English Language. However if you do not fit this requirement then please contact our team who will be able to offer an suitable alternative such as a foundation course at the university.

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Why Study English?

English is a diverse and complicated language to learn however once you have mastered this language through an English Language course, many doors open up for the future including many job opportunities. In the world, there are over 375 million people who speak English and 50 countries who speak English as the official or primary language. By not being able to speak English, whether this is at a comprehensive or beginner’s level, you may be preventing yourself from a whole range of opportunities.

Benefits of Studying English Language in the UK

There are many benefits to learning to speak English aside from job opportunities. Here we will talk through a few of those benefits to understand why studying English in the UK is a popular choice with non-English speakers.

Courses For All Abilities

Whether you are a beginner to the English Language or have a little bit of experience but at still not fluent, we have courses suitable for you. We understand that people learn at different levels and that you may have learnt the basics in school but may have forgotten or become a little rusty. Be assured that whatever your English Language level, there are plenty of study options suitable for you in the UK.

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Varied Learning

Only reading a book or only watching English TV programmes may become a little boring over time and can cause you to lose concentration. Our schools aim to make learning as fun as possible so that you enjoy learning. With our schools varied learning courses you can learn English in all of its forms. Throughout your course your language skills will progress alongside reading and listening because of the various learning techniques which you will experience.

Study Options

Tailored To Suit You

You can tailor your study options to suit your learning time-frame. We understand that you have set yourself personal goals to achieve and may only have a small time scale to learn the English Language so we tailor your schedule to best suit you. Our shortest course which we offer is 1 week and you can choose to study anywhere up to 1 year if you choose. Whether you choose a shorter or a longer course, our schools will ensure that you receive the best learning which you can within your desired time-frame so that you benefit from your time spent in the UK.

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The Home of the English Language

What better place to study the English Language than in the home of the English speakers. Learning English as a new language can be difficult, as it is with any other language, but by being surrounded by native English speakers, your learning will only go from strength to strength over the time which you spend in the UK. In your spare time you can explore England and practise your new found language skills with native speakers. Learning by using real life experiences will improve your learning and can help you to notice where you may be needing a little more practice which you can relate back to your teacher in class.

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Applying to Study in the UK

Learning English in the UK is hugely beneficial to non-English speakers as a way to improve job prospects as well as improving social interaction globally. Before applying to study in the UK, we advise that you ask us some questions to ensure that you are applying for the right type of course. Applying to study in another country can be quite a big step so you need to make a list of questions and be sure that you have all of these answered before you carry on with the application process. Our friendly team are happy to answer any questions no matter how big or small they are.

Another important thing to consider pre application is your visa. Without the correct visa, you will not be able to study in the UK. Visas are essential to your application and learning process. To study in the UK you will need a student visa. If you are looking to study for only a short period of time then a Short-Term Study Visa (SSV) is best suited. This visa will allow you to study on the UK for up to 6 or 11 months, depending on the length of your course. If you are wanting to study for up to a year in the UK then you should apply for a General Student Visa. For more information on visas and visa requirements please visit