Prepare to Study English with an IELTS Course

September 7, 2016

The IELTS exam was developed by a number of leading experts in English language and from its inception; it has gained an esteemed reputation all over the world. IELTS scores are internationally recognised and considered by many learning institutions in the UK including universities and professional bodies. And for those who wish to apply for UK citizenship and want to stay in the UK for the long-term, taking the IELTS is essential.

What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a globally recognised test which examines how proficient a student’s English language skills are before embarking on international study. It is one of the world’s leading English language tests for students who wish to study and work in the UK or any other place where English is used as the main form of communication. Just this year, over 2 million tests were taken in thousands of different locations to test all four English language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking.




What does an IELTS course involve?

IELTS courses help students to prepare for all aspects of the IELTS examination. The course is led by an experienced and qualified IELTS teacher who is able to give guidance and invaluable insight into how the exam is structured and what questions students can expect to get. An IELTS course also gives sufficient training in specific areas of English language to help in each section of the test, offering advice and strategies to help students succeed.

Through a series of lessons, roleplay sessions and mock tests, the course offers the chance for students to receive feedback from their teacher to help them understand their strengths and weaknesses within the English language, exposing the areas in which they need to improve.

There are two test formats of IELTS:

IELTS Academic is intended for students who are applying to study in a higher education institution such as a UK University or professional registration in an English speaking environment. This approach which is highly reputable will be accepted as evidence of English language proficiency by thousands of institutions in the UK. It focuses on language for academia and assesses the foundational knowledge a student has of English language and if is advanced enough to begin studying overseas. Admission for international students into their chosen learning institution is often conditional on achieving a specific IELTS standard certification.

The IELTS Academic course is the more popular choice, with many students opting for this route to support their studies and accompany their application to study in the UK.

IELTS General Training has been specifically developed for students who need a certain standard of English for social or more general working environments. This test focuses on the more basic language skills required in social situations and professional workplace environments to communicate effectively. If a student wants to learn English language below degree level and wants to migrate to English speaking countries such as the UK and Australia, the IELTS General Training course gives a more general overview of the skills required for a basic grasp of the English language.




There are a number of benefits of taking an IELTS course and passing the IELTS test. At the end of the exam, students will receive a certificate which validates their English language proficiency, helping teachers and learning institutions have a clear understanding of a student’s specific needs for further study.

The IELTs course will also help to improve all areas of the English language. Although many students favour a particular area of English language, the IELTS course gives sufficient support in every area of reading, writing, speaking and listening for a fuller understanding of the language. The course will also give students insight into what they can expect from undergraduate or postgraduate study of the language and help them to prepare.

Passing an IELTS test also motivates students to continue with successful study abroad as the course helps to set achievable goals in the lead up to the final test.

For more information on IELTS courses, applications and advice on what is required for study in the UKcontact our team of dedicated country managers who will be able to provide advice and guidance on choosing the right IELTS course to suit every student’s individual study requirements.