Why Study a Business English Course

March 29, 2016

What is Business English?

Business English is a specialism within English language tailored to the specific language used in a workplace or business environment. Business English can be differentiated by vocabulary and its use as a functional language. Many of the specific English words used for business purposes are specialised and are uncommon even for native English speakers. Part of studying Business English is to understand and learn the vocabulary of business and how it can be broken down even further by sector and use. Another form of the language is its practical use for communication in business. Taking a Business English Course enables the practice and study of the English language skills needed to conduct various day-to-day business tasks.

Why take a Business English course?

To meet the demands of the workplace in a modern globalised society, communication is vital. English is the most powerful language in business and is used across the globe to foster and maintain relationships in industry.

There is a growing demand for taking a Business English Course as students are becoming clearer on what language requirements are needed for employment opportunities in the UK and abroad. In the global economy as it is today, employers not only seek the skills to read, write and understand English language effectively, they now look for a fluency in English language which extends to specific business orientated vocabulary that is recognised in their job sector.

A Breakdown of a Business English Course

Many teachers break down a Business English Course into digestible sections so students can clearly see its benefits and uses within the working world. Business language is the main focus of the course and is used to teach students the most common phrases and vocabulary used in a corporate environment. If you are interested in a particular sector or have a career path already in mind, it may be helpful to carry out research prior to your Business English Course to find out industry specific phrases that will be beneficial to you. Business English teachers often tailor the course to student requirements to help you get the very best out of your time in the UK.

Business interaction is another key area of study which focuses on the speaking skills needed in the workplace. Interaction can vary from speaking over the phone to business meetings with clients and colleagues via conference calls or face to face communication. This area will involve lots of roleplay to help students feel comfortable in situations which require interaction and it is a great way to practice common business requirements to build confidence and skill.

Lastly, business correspondence focuses on the written requirements of Business English often needed to build and maintain relationships that have already been established in the company you will work for. Letters and emails are the most common form of written communication so you will be able to practice with support from your teacher to ensure you are using Business English in the correct way.


How will Business English help you?

There are many advantages to taking a Business English Course, including the interaction with a diverse range of professionals throughout your course. This will be a great way to prepare yourself for the working world and help you practice effective communication. Because Business English is a specialised area of the English language, students already have a clear idea on what they need to learn to be successful in their future career. This also makes it easier for the teachers to cater to specific requirements and help you get the very best from your course. Business English is great foundation for helping you achieve your career goals and flourish within a working environment.