Living and Learning in the UK

March 14, 2016

Living in the UK

If you are moving to the UK to live and learn, experiencing a sense of culture shock is something most students go through. Finding your feet in completely different surroundings can be overwhelming for many students at first. Whether you have researched UK culture or it’s completely new to you, it’s likely there will always be a period of adjustment as you embark on your study in the UK. However you can use this period of adjustment to your advantage. Use it as an additional learning experience, helping you to learn about the new world around you and see it as an opportunity to enhance your English language skills even further.

Living in the UK can be an incredibly rewarding experience and keeping an open mind, discovering new things and talking to different people will help you make the most out of your time here. Taking an interest in the new people you encounter, places that you visit and the customs you experience will help you adapt to your new surroundings and feel more at home whilst you study the language.

Adapting to your new UK lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to sever all ties with home though. There are often dedicated student societies or local communities that you can become a part of to keep you connected with home. They are great for offering a sympathetic ear, useful advice and tips to find your favourite foods from home or to connect with others who are also adapting to their new life in the UK.


Learning in the UK

Study in the UK will be a new experience and how you learn to speak English will vary across a wide range of teaching methods. You may be taught via lectures when studying the language in a larger class size. Although notes are usually provided, writing your own notes throughout the lecture is also encouraged to enhance your personal progression and make sure you have understood everything thoroughly. You may also be directed to related online resources for the opportunity of further reading and independent learning.

Seminars are usually taught in a classroom and involve a smaller number of students. They are slightly less formal than lectures and enable students to discuss the previous lecture and what they have learned. You may be expected to deliver a short presentation on a certain topic or your tutor will set you specific work related tasks within seminars, giving you the chance for practical learning with the support of a tutor. Class work in other institutions will follow a similar format and this will help you learn to speak English in a productive environment with the help and guidance of an experienced English language tutor. Throughout your course, you may get the chance to work in small groups on a collaborative project assigned by a tutor. This can be really useful as it helps to improve your English language skills by communicating with others who are also learning the language.

You may be expected to type assignments before handing in your work or undertake research around a topic using a computer. If you struggle to complete work online, you will be able to contact your tutor or seek advice from the IT support team to help you conquer a computer related task. UK education places a large emphasis on independent study to complement your English language course. You will be encouraged to be an active and independent learner and take ownership of your own educational development. However high quality academic teaching and great resources will always be on hand to help you learn English language in a way that’s most beneficial to you.


Why Study in the UK?

The UK has become one of the most popular destinations for study in recent years and it’s easy to see why. With high class institutions situated throughout the UK and a flexible range of courses, classes and teaching facilities widely available, the UK has a lot to offer international students who want to learn the language. Although we celebrate the UK and its educational opportunities throughout the year, St. George’s Day is a day dedicated to celebrating all things English. Study in the UK and join in with all the upcoming St. George’s celebrations this year as you find your feet in your new home from home.