Learn to speak English with an Online Course

August 2, 2016

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and every year thousands of international students travel to the UK to study English in the birthplace of the language. Although there are many benefits to studying English in the UK, online courses offer aspiring students another way to learn vital English language skills online and learn in a way that fits into their lifestyle.

Learn to Speak English Online

There are a diverse range of courses that can be taught online, all tailored to your individual requirements and based on your existing knowledge of the language. ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) courses provide you with reading, writing, speaking and listening skills needed in English language. For higher level students, or students wishing to enhance their existing skills, ESOL courses can also cover spelling, grammar and punctuation in more detail too.

If you wish to acquire the necessary language skills before visiting or moving to the UK or you simply want to learn English language for personal and professional progression, ESOL courses are a great way to learn practical language skills that can be applied in everyday scenarios.

For more information about ESOL courses, read our informative blog post which covers everything you need to know about the course, typical lessons you can expect and what qualifications you will gain from the course.

If you are planning to study or work in the UK, the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an internationally recognised examination and qualification which is accepted in a number of educational and professional organisations. Held in a choice of locations, the IELTS tests your reading, writing, listening and speaking ability of English language before taking residency in the UK.

There are a number of online IELTS preparation courses available which provide students with a valuable insight into the exam and its content. The courses offer a number of mock tests and constructive feedback from your online tutor so you can feel fully prepared before taking the exam.

English is often referred to as the “language of business” and being fluent in English as a second language can make you hugely desirable to employers both in the UK and worldwide. Whether you wish to seek career opportunities in the UK or improve your job prospects at home, taking a dedicated online business English course can give you the necessary language skills to help you advance within your chosen career.

An online course will look in detail at the typical working environments where business English will be used and teaches you the necessary language skills for effective communication in the workplace. Aside from exploring the different forms of communication from phone calls, face to face meetings and emails, the course will take into account a number of situations where business English is most commonly used and tailor the tuition accordingly.

For more information why you should study an online business English course and the benefits it could offer you in terms of career progression, read our informative blog post which explains how the course can help you communicate successfully in the workplace.




The Benefits of Learning English with an Online Course

The main benefit of choosing an online course to learn English language is the convenience it offers many students. With online tuition, you are able to manage your time in way that works best for you without having to travel to/from your chosen learning institution.

Whether you are a multi-tasker and want to learn as you are cooking your dinner or if you lead a busy lifestyle and want accessible learning whilst you are working full-time, choosing an online course to learn English language is the perfect fit.

If you want to learn English language without having to leave the country, an online course will give you quality tuition and language skills without having to obtain a visa for study in the UK.

Utilising technology which is used throughout the UK and worldwide can also provide added benefit if you choose an online course to learn to speak English. You can enjoy a small class environment with individual Skype sessions to your online tutor and benefit from a dynamic and interactive curriculum that has been tailored to your individual student needs.

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with a first class provider of online English language courses so you can start your English language education from home and learn in a way that fits into your lifestyle. For more information on online courses and how to apply, contact our team and we can provide you with advice and guidance on choosing the best online course to suit your study requirements.