One of the many reasons people choose to learn another language is to be able to travel to or live in a country where it is spoken. Learning English in Leeds will help you to flourish within a bustling city which is host to world-class events, home of Opera North and one of the great artistic centres in the north of England. Experience the culture and fascinating history of Leeds as you learn the language.

During your stay, you will have the opportunity to meet a diverse range of people whilst learning English language. We offer a number of ESOL courses in Leeds, all carefully designed to provide our students with the opportunity to learn about life in modern Britain. If you are concerned about your eligibility to study an ESOL course, our informative blog is packed full of information to guide you through the requirements for a happy and educational stay in the UK.


Our informative city guide on learning English in Leeds, offers a more detailed insight on what you can expect if you choose to study in Leeds and why most people consider studying in the city as the ‘best of both worlds’ with its vibrant city reputation, framed by beautiful green belt land.

If you would like any further advice about learning English in Leeds, or any of our accredited English language schools, contact our highly knowledgeable team of dedicated country managers who can offer support and information regarding your English study break.

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