One of the many reasons people choose to learn another language is to be able to travel to or live in a country where it is spoken and belong to an international community. Learn English in Ireland and experience the lovely city of Dublin, which has a booming music scene and an array of traditional pubs. Experience the culture and fascinating history of Ireland as you learn the English language.

We have carefully selected what we think is the best English language school in Ireland. Our school in Dublin for international students will provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in the surrounding landscape and meet and interact with locals as you master the English language.


Although Dublin is often thought of as a popular tourist destination, which it is, Dublin is also a great student-friendly city bursting with vibrancy and a majority population of under 25 years old. For more information about studying in Ireland, our Learn English in Dublin City Guide is packed full of information about Dublin’s social scene, academic reputation and thriving cultural scene making it the perfect destination of international students all over the world.

If you would like any further information about how to Learn English in Ireland or any other location across the UK, including how to apply for a visa and what you can expect from living and learning in the UK, take a look around our website and blog which is packed full of useful information and tips to make the most out of your study break in the UK or alternatively, feel free to contact us for any other questions you may have.

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