How UK Study Can Help Your Career

February 25, 2016

Communication is the key ingredient for success in any business or workplace. To establish yourself within your chosen career you will need to be confident in conversation between clients, customers and work colleagues – even if that conversation isn’t in your native tongue. Hitting a language barrier in the workplace can hinder your career prospects and create a barrier which prevents you from reaching your potential. However, learning a new language and being able to communicate a secondary language fluently in business can really open up personal and professional progression, particularly in employment and your chosen long-term career. Bilingualism is an incredibly useful skillset to have in the global job market and can be the gateway to a better future in business.

Why study in the uk?

Each year, hundreds of thousands of international students travel to the UK to improve their knowledge of the English language. There are many benefits to choosing UK study to learn English including a range of versatile courses for all ages and abilities. Whether you already have a foundational knowledge of English language already, or are completely new to it, there is a course suited to your individual requirements. You can also choose specific courses for different educational purposes and language courses which are tailored to enhance your position in a chosen career.


Choosing to study in the UK ensures you experience quality teaching in the home of English language. All institutions which are accredited by the British council are regularly inspected to ensure that the highest standards of teaching, facilities and support is met. Being the home of English language, you will find yourself surrounded by native speakers, giving you added opportunity to practice the language and roleplay business situations to prepare you for the business environment.

English language skills are valued by many potential employers, helping you to stand out in the interview process. Being able to communicate effectively to a wider spectrum of people can be a powerful tool in business and it is a great investment in your future.

Why is language such a powerful tool in business?

With the increasing globalisation of many industries in the 21st century it’s important for many sectors to invest in effective cross-border communication. Any business which is looking to grow and establish themselves within a foreign marketplace will look to devote time and money into the language skills of their employees.

To take a specific example, let’s imagine a business has expanded its operations into the Japanese market. If their management isn’t fluent in both Japanese and English this can cause real difficulty in establishing a fruitful client relationship. The cost of hiring translators and interpreters can soon begin to add up and a lack of language proficiency can be build frustration which will eventually lead to strained relationships and a detrimental breakdown in communication. This is why being fluent in another language can be hugely beneficial to a company who wants to build profitable relationships worldwide.

How can UK study help you achieve your personal career goals?

English is often referred to as the international language of communication. If you can communicate in English you can communicate with people all over the world, build strong relationships overseas and advance your position within your chosen company.


Having a multilingual skillset demonstrated on your CV helps you to get noticed in the early stages of application. Not only does fluency in another language shows a unique range of advanced skills, it also reflects personal qualities which are often attractive to a potential employer. If you can communicate in a second language it shows you’re a hardworking, self-motivated individual who understands a varied and diverse range of cultures and nationalities.

Learning English language also improves your technical knowledge and understanding. English is one of the key languages of technology with specialities in areas such as computer science, genetics and medicine. If you are choosing a career which involves a level of computer literacy, being proficient in English is vital as most computer applications are in English.

Choosing to study in the UK will help you achieve your long term career prospects and benefit from quality assured teaching and education. When you do become fluent in a second language, shout about your success in your CV and highlight your language skills during your interview. If you want to use English language to boost your career progression, learning the language via UK study is a good place to start.