Your Complete Guide to Homestay Accommodation

July 6, 2016

Living in Homestay Accommodation

Moving to the UK to study English can be a huge step for many, especially if you haven’t lived away from your parents before or visited the UK. Once you have chosen which subject you’d like to study, you must then start looking for the appropriate accommodation for your stay in the UK. At English Study Breaks we offer Homestay Accommodation for students as well as Residential student accommodation.

Residential Accommodation is where overseas students live in student housing. This type of accommodation is popular for those who choose to come to the UK for a summer study course however as English students live in the accommodation during term time, there is only a handful of free accommodation for overseas students. If you are thinking of coming to study in the UK during term time, from September through to June, then the Homestay Accommodation option would be the best suited choice.

What is Homestay Accommodation?

Homestay Accommodation is where oversea students live with a UK family in their home. At first this may sound a little scary, staying with a family which you don’t know who don’t speak your native language can seem pretty daunting, however Homestay Accommodation can be an extremely rewarding experience for those who are learning the English language.

homestay accommodation

4 Benefits of Homestay Accommodation

1. Food

The standard Homestay Accommodation will include meals which are provided by the host family, usually on a half board basis, this includes breakfast and evening meals. However you may find that some families offer a full board basis which includes all of your meals. Having meals prepared for you will allow you to try English cuisine, cut costs dramatically because there will be no need to go grocery shopping and also allow you to spend some quality time with your host family.

food homestay accommodation

2. Cost Effective

Homestay Accommodation is remarkably cheaper than staying in Residential Student Accommodation for a number of reasons. Firstly, as mentioned above, the majority of your meals will be included within the cost of your room, this means that you don’t have to allocate any of your budget to buying groceries for your meals. The cost of your room will also include laundry facilities and a comfortable bed to sleep in. Many host families also offer the option of sharing a twin room with another student, this can be a friend who is also on the same course, sharing a twin room will allow you to keep the costs down.

food homestay accommodation

3. Culture

There is no better way to experience the UK culture than to fully immerse yourself within it. Living in Homestay Accommodation will allow you to see how UK families live and what happens on a day to day basis. Spending evenings and weekends with your host family will give you time to learn more about English culture, try local delicacies and visits places which are off the beaten track.

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4. Improve Your Learning

As you will be living and spending your free time with native English speakers, you’ll notice that your English will radically improve. Living with your host family will be invaluable to your learning and development. Communicating everyday with your UK family will allow you to put your learning into practice and test it out as well as improve your listening skills. Watching English television or listening to the local radio station will help you learn a more informal style of English language which could help you in everyday situations whilst you are living in the UK.

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Learning the English language doesn’t have to stop when you leave the classroom. Choosing to live with a UK host family in Homestay Accommodation during your stay will allow you to keep learning after hours. The English language is complex and can be hard to get to grips with but by living with a UK family, you can be sure that your language skills will constantly be improving and you’ll be learning invaluable skills such as everyday communication and how to socialise with those from another culture.

If you are thinking of studying in the UK then visit English Study Breaks for information on all of the courses which we provide, how to apply for a visa and locations where you can study throughout the UK.