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English is the international language of commerce and proficiency in the language is, therefore, essential for anybody wishing to participate in today’s increasingly globalised and competitive world. It is also critical for those wishing to spend time in an English-speaking country, either for education, work, leisure, or for family reasons. You will not only be able to fully participate in the cultural and social life of the country but knowledge of the language will also help you understand your rights and responsibilities.

Our General English courses for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) are widely available from colleges and learning providers across the UK. The programmes cover all elements of the English language, including reading, writing, speaking and listening with higher level students also covering spelling, grammar and punctuation in more detail.

An ESOL course is tailored to your specific needs to help you get the most out of your tuition. Once your ESOL teacher has assessed your ability, they will suggest a course that is suitable to you. Your class will include peers of a similar ability and the teaching will be relaxed but informative.

Each ESOL course is dedicated to individual student requirements and provides tailored support through your development of the English language. ESOL teachers understand that every student is different and will deliver language teaching based on your specific needs.

Our ESOL courses suit the needs of every student skillset. An ESOL teacher will examine your foundational knowledge of English and provide you with the right material so you can achieve the best results. For example, higher level students will want to understand verb tenses and the finer points of grammar whereas students with a basic grasp of English will want to learn the language that will face them in real-life situations.

ESOL Course Example Student Profile

“You are an 18 year-old student who has achieved intermediate level English at school but you have not previously visited the UK. You decide that, before going to college or university, you would like to stay with a family, study 20 hours per week for a month and experience some of London’s cultural activities”.

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