Why English is Important for Business

January 23, 2018

It’s no real secret as to why English is important for business in today’s markets. Many companies are looking more and more to expanding their business internationally in our globalised world. The English language dominates the business sphere, and it is important that the workforce of any multi-national business have no problems when it comes to how to speak English. Remember – non-native English speaker use English as a lingua franca to speak to other non-native speakers.

For medium-to-large sized businesses, serving home markets often can be insufficient, as the spread of potential customers is more far-reaching than it used to be. Organisations are becoming more confident about selling their products and services around the world. Growing competition has forced a re-think. It’s no coincidence that over 1 billion people are learning English worldwide.

Some of these ambitious companies – not all large, multi-national corporations by any means – are beginning to develop operations in other countries, rather than simply selling their wares abroad. A full international expansion can be a stressful time and full of risks, as those of you making this transition will understand. However, it makes good business sense to be close to one’s markets and, if managed properly, can lead to great reward.


Business Development Skills

Business development skills help employees feel empowered

There are several key business development skills which help to ensure that a business can operate as smoothly as possible, but none more so than communication skills. This is a key reason why English is important for business. If the existing corporate language is English, creating a world-wide culture is to literally ensure that the entire company speaks the same language. This allows organisations to retain their identity and what made them successful in the first place whilst operating across national boundaries.

Speaking the same language in the workplace also enables the different departments of the company to co-ordinate operations effectively, and therefore increases efficiency.

Enrolling onto a Business English language course gives employees the best training available, and will help grow the reputation of that business worldwide. It will empower them, and help to promote a good work ethic – employees feel valued when their company invests in them, especially life skills like language training.

Of course, most companies are not in the luxurious position of the large corporations who can afford to employ whole departments dedicated to promoting corporate culture. Using specialist providers for your company’s English Study Breaks helps to keep the cost down, as well as removing the stress of organising the ins and outs of the trip.

The enormous competitive advantage of knowing that everybody in the company understands and buys into the organisation’s ethos and goals cannot be overstated. Knowing English will help your employees with customer service, but it will also build a company culture across the continents.