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  • Please enter your date of birth
  • Please include your Country Dialling Code and do not insert gaps between numbers
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  • Please enter where you would like to study (e.g. London, Edinburgh, York)
  • Enter preferred date of when you would like to start your study break?
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    An arrangement fee of £85.00 is required to accompany your application (which is non-refundable), receipt of this will secure your place on the course. This should be paid within 5 days of sending your application form.

    All payments to ESB must be made to Study Breaks (UK) Limited through the PayPal secure payment system.

    An e-mail will be forwarded to you when confirmation is received by us from the Academic Institution. Then the full amount English Study Breaks of the course fee and accommodation will be payable by you, within 14 days. Payment details as above.

    *This will be at extra cost

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