What Can Being an Affiliate Do for You?


You Can Earn a Substantial Income

An Affiliate with English Study Breaks can earn a lot of money from successful conversions. We pay you at two points: first, after a referred customer has signed up and paid their initial arrangement fee; second, after the customer becomes a full student and has begun their course.

The commission we pay is generous, and we will consider raising your commission depending on how much business you bring in for English Study Breaks. If you are a good Affiliate and successfully refer multiple customers, we will increase your rate of pay for each referral.

If you lay effective groundwork and get yourself into the best places for marketing English Study Breaks, then the customers keep on coming – and so do your commissions.


Flexible Around Other Work

Already employed? Not a problem. The flexibility of being one of our Affiliates means that you can fit working for us around other employment that you may already have. We don’t demand that you work a certain number of hours – work however much suits you.

Working for us can help boost your existing income substantially. Not getting enough hours behind the bar? Waiting tips just not quite cutting it anymore? Getting just a few referrals can make a massive difference. If you are a successful Affiliate, you can attract lots of customers in a short space of time. Earn an income on your own terms.


A Student Yourself?

Brilliant – you’re an ideal Affiliate. You can fit work around your college or university studies, and earn a bit of money on the side.

Being a student helps with attracting customers. You already know the other students, the staff, and the best places to catch people’s attention.

As a student, you know the value of education in the world. Your work will help encourage people like yourself to learn English – a valuable skill that will last a lifetime.


Not Quite a Student yet?

It doesn’t matter – we’d still love to have you on board. If you’re looking to earn money to help pay for further education, then being an Affiliate is a great option.

Not only will you have a good income, but Affiliate marketing for us primarily operates among universities and colleges. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in student life and get to know the ropes before you start yourself.


Develop Workplace Skills

Affiliate marketing gives you a range of skills that are brilliant for personal development.

You’ll gain sales and marketing skills, public speaking experience, an insight into business structures and much more.

These skills will help develop you as an Affiliate for English Study Breaks, enabling you to have an even greater referral success rate.


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