Affiliate Case Study


May signed up as an Affiliate for English Study Breaks (ESB) while she was studying at Thammasat University in Thailand. As a Business Management student, she understood the value of affiliate marketing and was keen to get involved.

“I saw the position advertised on the English Study Breaks website during a trial period, and was amazed that it would be in Thailand first!” May said. “I couldn’t wait to get started – I needed some extra money while at university, and being able to work when I wanted around my studies was perfect for me.”

May was accepted by ESB as an Affiliate, and she quickly got to work.

“Once I got the job with ESB, I started planning posts for all my social media platforms. I knew the best way to quickly spread the word was online, and I already had a reasonable following across the different platforms,” she said.

May began posting online, and noticed that people were clicking on her links, although she couldn’t see who they were. She realised that people were interested but not quite ready to sign up yet, so she started to talk about the courses in the UK to her friends and people in her classes.

“I knew it was probably close friends and people who I interact with quite a lot who would be clicking on my links, so that’s who I spoke to. It helped to persuade them, as they’d already been a little tempted.”

May signed up a friend to a Business English course in London, to help them learn English for the workplace. She was very happy with the results.

“My friend signed up and paid the administration fee, and before long I was paid by English Study Breaks for the successful referral. It was great! I got to work on getting some more sign-ups right away.”

While she was working on more sign-ups, May’s friend flew to the UK and began her course.

“After they started the course, I got paid again by English Study Breaks – I got two payments for one sign-up! The second payment was much bigger than the first, so it was really good that I made sure that my friend would follow through with the course.”

The skills May earned from being an Affiliate meant that she was able to comfortably secure a full-time graduate job in marketing when she finished university.

“Without the skills – and the extra money to help get me through my studies – that I got from English Study Breaks, I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in now. It’s a great way to get a boost in both skills and income, and I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone, even if you’re not a student!”


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