Affiliate Job Description


As an Affiliate for English Study Breaks (ESB), you will be an integral part of our global marketing operations. You will help raise the profile of our brand, encourage people to sign up to our first class learning experiences, and be a helpful point of contact for potential ESB customers.

This position is very flexible, and can be fitted around your own lifestyle. You can work as much as you want, as your earnings will be based on your performance. We recommend reading our guide on What Being an Affiliate Can Do for You to see the benefits of the position.


The position’s main responsibilities include:

Promote ESB as widely as possible at your school, college, university, social circle or place of work. This may be initially through social media or people you already know.

Encourage suitable contacts to register for one of our courses.

Act as a helpful point of contact for students interested in our service, answering any questions they may have.

Collect feedback from students and report back to us, helping to improve our customer service.


We would love it if:

You are friendly and enjoy talking to people.

You have ideas of how you would promote our English language services to potential customers.

You have a workable level of English yourself, although this is not essential.


You will earn commission for each person that signs up with us and pays the initial arrangement fee. You will receive a further payment when that customer begins their course in the UK.

If this sounds like you, then apply through our Application Page.


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