Life after Brexit: Why Study in the UK is More Important than Ever

November 8, 2016

As I am sure you know, on June 24th 2016 Britain voted to leave the European Union. This decision, commonly referred to as ‘Brexit’, has already prompted certain changes but what are they and how could they affect your decision to study in the UK?

Reduced value of the British Pound

Brexit has seen the value of the British pound decline and as a direct result, Britain has seen an influx in the number of foreign visitors to its shores because this inevitably means the cost of tuition and living in the UK has become more affordable. In fact, a recent survey on the effects of Brexit has shown that 61% of international students believe that the UK has become a more attractive place to study now that the currency is weaker.

The dominance of the English language across the globe

The English language is firmly established as the world’s lingua franca. Showing particular dominance among the three working languages of the European Union, in spite of Brexit, English remains an official language of the EU. With this prominence, the desire and need to learn English remains: English is still very much the global language of business, commerce and education.

Freedom to travel within the EU

Britain’s vote for independence is just a few months old, meaning that the benefits of being a member of the EU are still effective until at least 2018. As such, the visa rules that are in place now will remain unchanged for the foreseeable future, giving international students the freedom to travel within the EU while also being able to take advantage of the increased purchase power of their currency: Win:Win


If you find yourself concerned about the reception you will receive while studying in the UK post-Brexit, we can assure you that the country as a whole remains committed to its relationships with its foreign neighbours and wholeheartedly believes in the strength of intercultural collaborations. Sir Ciarán Devane, Chief Executive at the British Council, summed this up perfectly when he said: “…We have always believed in the strength of engaging with multilateral institutions and we will find ways to continue to work in partnership with other European countries and with EU institutions to create opportunities, build connections and engender trust”.

If Brexit has enticed you to study in the UK, contact us and find out about the fantastic range of English Language courses we offer across Britain.