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  • Learn English with English Study Breaks
  • Study English with English Study Breaks
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English for younger students

Taste of life in the UK, 20hrs tuition a week, stay with family.

Business English

Short, intense courses; either one-to-one or small-group tuition.

Gap year/career change

Combine learning English with sporting or cultural activities.

English Study Breaks provides:

High quality schools and accommodation that has been verified by our experienced research team.
Flexibility of course, school and accommodation to suit your requirements.
Support, often in your own language, throughout your stay in the UK.
We will contact you within one week of the start of your course to make sure that you are happy.
The best quality on-line programmes.
Low arrangement fee.
An opportunity to become a sub-agent of ESB on your return home.

English Study Breaks is dedicated to providing custom-built English language and higher education courses in the United Kingdom. We work with established and accredited schools, colleges and universities across the UK so you can study English in the UK with qualified and experienced professionals, through a service that is tailored to your individual needs.

We are a worldwide organisation, bringing students to the UK to study English from around the globe via an extensive network of country managers and sub-agents. We are based in the UK so we can carry out the required research with reliable schools, colleges and universities on behalf of all our students. We also act as a point of contact for every student and provide support, advice and information throughout their stay.

We provide an all-inclusive service to study English in the UK, including tuition, accommodation and transfers (if requested). We can also offer degree and post-graduate courses, including foundation and pathway programmes, through our partner universities. We also offer the opportunity for students to apply for a position as an ESB sub-agent in their home country after completing their studies.

Please remember to obtain the correct visa for your visit. For further information please either contact the UK embassy or vist the UKBA website.

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